After requests from schools and students who have become familiar with Jeanette's work and
use her examples in their projects, she has devised the Urban Challenge workshops to take
into schools.

Combining contextual study and secondary sources the energy of the city is explored through
drawing. The dynamic handling of materials encourage the development of an image from
speculative beginnings towards a considered conclusion. Starting with an illustrated power
point presentation, Jeanette explores her own and other artists work in response to the city.
Then through instinctive and imaginative exercises she enables the students to develop a
more personal visual language. They then go on to create their own cityscapes from a diverse
range of photographs. Depending on the time format, pupils may also go on to work from
historical sources and create an imaginative structural drawing.

Material requirements ; Cartridge and sugar paper A1 and A2 and thick charcoal
This workshop is available in a full day or half-day format.  Recommended maximum - 25.
(Occasionally there have been two day workshops where the students go on to produce a large drawing.)


Using historical artworks and contemporary photojournalism as a starting point, CHARCOAL
PHOTOSHOP  explores the creative processes behind composition. With an emphasis on
explaining visual language, the workshop begins with students given tasks that encourage
them to instinctively investigate the potential of charcoal drawing through risk taking and
play(!) With a broader visual language on board participants then go on to explore how the
framing, atmosphere and focus within an image can be transformed through drawing.

Trial and error is explored by the layering of information in successive stages. Each student as
the workshop progresses contributes in creating a wide range of possible outcomes to enable
an informed selection  of approaches when creating an individual piece from a chosen image
to conclude the session.

This workshop is designed for year group 9 and above. It does require each participant to have a
reasonably good amount of space to work in, either on cleared table tops or on a large empty floor

Material requirements ; cartridge and sugar paper A1 and A2 extra thick charcoal, medium charcoal
and white chalk.
This workshop is available in a full day or half-day format.  Recommended maximum - 25.
''Paul's workshops are both engaging and accessible for a wide ability spectrum. Preconceptions of what makes a
successful drawing are challenged, students make outstanding progress during the day''.
Tom Hartney HOA
Vyners School.

workshop was a fabulous success. All the pupils learnt how to make use of a range of found sources, which
now form an important part of their GCSE and A'level coursework portfolio's.
The dynamism Paul brings to his teaching combined with the quick witty humour is something rare for students to
experience. He gives them a platform to be themselves and the intellectual space to work. They respond with
outstanding results''.
Jacinta Appleby HOA Frances Bardsley Academy
''Jeanette is an inspirational and energetic teacher who challenges the students to work in new and unusual ways''.
Lottie Reay HOA Woldingham school
''We were lucky to have Jeanette come and work with our AS Level students, looking at architectural structured
forms. It was amazing to have an artist who inspired students to look at the way they approached their drawings
and the marks they made on paper. Jeanette used her wealth of knowledge and creativity to re-ignite an energy
and enthusiasm for the simple act of mark-making and students learnt how to apply that energy to their own
Jeanette stressed the importance of drawing in order to provide a framework and inspirational starting point for
work in other media and students were able to understand the importance and function of drawing and applying it
to the context in which they were working. It was a hands on workshop that got the students thinking and
questioning their own ideas about making marks on paper and I would highly recommend this as an example of a
workshop that demonstrates the enduring importance of putting pencil (or charcoal) on to paper''.
Hannah Nield
HOA Jewish Community School
''Jeanette delivered a really lively and exciting drawing workshop, showing something of the potential of charcoal
as a medium and encouraging the students to capture expressive qualities and not just draw from observation but
to add more of a personal element and we were delighted with the collection of sketches produced and many
pupils have taken the ideas further to help them with their final coursework pieces,,.
Patricia White HOA
Haberdashers' Aske's School for girls.
''Jeanette has been running workshops for us at St.Michael's for many years. She is lively, enthusiastic,
passionate and very talented artist who uses her own art practice of large scale drawings of building sites in
compressed charcoal very successfully with our students. She has developed a range of approaches using
charcoal to allow the students to overcome prejudices and difficulties with drawing. She has created simple and
straightforward exercises which she enthusiastically presents to the students, allowing them to develop techniques
to help them gain in confidence and take risks with their drawing. She is able to talk to the students relating to
images and artwork to their life experiences so they can engage with the planned activities.
We use Jeanette's workshop to launch our major project for year 9 students under the theme of 'Urban
landscape'. Jeanette delivers a lecture showing how artists have represented urban life including her own work,
relating her own practice to the artists she shows and also informing the students of her own career development
and how she became an artist.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jeanette to any school who wants to support students with drawing and risk
taking in art. She is highly professional, reliable with a true mission to enthuse students about art''.
Kate Bullivant HOA St. Michael's Grammer School

This page gives information on our two workshops available for schools and colleges. URBAN CHALLENGE
drawing workshop based on cities taught by Jeanette and
CHARCOAL PHOTOSHOP drawing workshop using
contemporary photojournalism as a starting point, taught by Paul. This section also includes recommendations by
teachers who have had these workshops.

This workshop is designed for year group 9 and above. It requires each participant to have space to be able
to work comfortably on A1 paper, usually this is on tables but working on a large empty floor is acceptable.